Buying a Home

Affordable Homeownership Opportunities

The following websites list affordable homeownership opportunities throughout the state of Massachusetts. It is important to note that these units require a homeowner to meet certain income and asset guidelines as they are deed restricted properties. Contact the listing agent under each unit for more information on eligibility requirements.

CHAPA Homeownership Lottery Listings

The following listings are for Chapter 40B developments monitored by Citizens' Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) as well as other organizations throughout the state of Massachusetts.

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MassAccess Accessible Housing Registry 

The MassAccess Housing Registry helps people to find affordable housing in Massachusetts. A key feature of the Registry is to highlight homes for people with disabilities who need accessible or barrier-free housing. The website lists both homeownership and rental opportunities available throughout Massachusetts.

This web site has many accessibility features, including resizable text, ability to skip to the main content on each web page, form controls labeled to facilitate data entry, form fields grouped by category, tool tips, titles, and rollover text to clarify field requirements, and alternative text assigned to image links for assistive technology and text-based browsers.

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MAHA Affordable Housing Listings is the state’s most complete listing of affordable home lotteries and affordable home re-sales. Published as a community service by the non-profit Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA), the site is designed to help low- to moderate-income homebuyers find a home they can afford, and educate them about the lottery and home buying process.

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