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Contact a foreclosure or rental eviction counselor.

Information for MassHousing and MHP borrowers.

What Do I Qualify For?

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To see which Massachusetts state-sponsored mortgage products best fit your financial situation use our Qualifying Calculator.

What is My Mass Mortgage?


This website was designed to assist potential home owners in the Homebuying process and to inform you of state-sponsored mortgage products available to homebuyers of low and moderate income.

COVID-19 Housing Assistance

Information for MassHousing and MHP borrowers, foreclosure and rental eviction counseling and additional resources such as nutrition assistance, emergency child care and tenants right information.

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What Can I Afford?

To start input your information into our Budget Calculators to get a snapshot of your current financial situation. Then use our Qualifying Calculator to understand which products are the best match for your household income.

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Finding a Home

There are many programs that offer affordable homeownership opportunities throughout Massachusetts. Search here to find a home that works best for your family and budget.

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Baez Family
MassHousing Homeowners
Their feedback on MassHousing:

Jose Baez had heard a lot of negative things about getting a home mortgage but his experience getting a MassHousing Mortgage was nothing but positive.

"It went fine, really," he said. "There were no issues. I thought it was going to be difficult from what I heard other people say but I didn't really experience that. It's great," he said. "They (his children) love it. They have their own yard and place to play and we are very happy with how everything worked out. For anyone who has any doubts about MassHousing, they made the process easy. I didn't think it was ever possible to own our own home."

Baez, an electrician, is a first-time homebuyer who purchased a single family home in Revere using a MassHousing Mortgage with no Mortgage Insurance (MI) and a 3% downpayment. 

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